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Ploughing Teams, Drummondhall
Station Road
Murthly Falls: Paul McLennan
Roman Bridge
Murthly Crossroads
Peacock Cottage, Gellyburn
Lingering Autumn: Millais
Birnam Hill: P McLennan

Murthly History Group


As local historians we are blessed, cartographically. Murthly estate's archive has a series of maps that serve as snapshots of the village's development since 1787.

However, only a few have been digitised. Some are rather large, others so fragile they really should only be handled professionally.

Thankfully, we can call upon the National Library of Scotland's excellent trove of digitised images to help plug the gaps.

More images will be added as we process them.


Satellite view of Murthly above a map from 1864. Aerial view of Murthly crossroads above a section of the 1st ed. OS map of 1864.
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